Test Question Formatter

How to Use:

  1. Fill in Exam Name.
  2. Copy the questions from your exam file, and paste it into the Paste Exam Below area. The questions need to follow these formatting rules.
  3. Click Create.
  4. A .txt file will be created. Save it and review the .txt file for any ***Error*** messages. These designate the questions that were incorrectly formatted.
  5. Within Blackboard, on the left-side menu, go to Course Tools > Test Surveys and Pools.
  6. The questions can be added to any pre-existing or newly created Test, Survey or Pool:
    • For a new test, survey or pool, click "Build [Test, Survey, or Pool]". Name it. Click submit. Click "Upload Questions".
    • For a previously created test, survey or pool, to the right of the name click the chevron and click edit. Click "Upload Questions"
  7. Click Browse and open the .txt file. For ease all of the questions can be assigned the same point value there.
  8. Click Submit.

How to Format:

Directions for Formatting:

  • Each question needs to begin on a new line, and start with number and period or number and closed parenthesis, e.g., 1. or 1) Duplicate numbers will cause a formatting error (***Error***).
  • If applicable, the answers need to be listed below the question, starting each one on a new line.

Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer

  • Answers must begin with a letter and be in alphabetical order. The letter needs to be followed with a period or a closed parenthesis, e.g. a. or a) .
  • Correct answers are designated by a preceding asterisk, *.
1. What is the answer to question one?
a. answer one
b. answer two
*c. correct answer three
d. answer four


  • Answeres are listed on their own line with matches separated by a forward slash('/').
2. Match these items:
a) item a/item b
b) item c/item d
c) item d/item e
d) item f/item g


3. The answer is _____.

True / False

4. The answer is answer

Paste Exam Below: